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Child Counseling

While it is common for children to experience occasional problems and moodiness in their lives as they grow and mature, there are times when turning to a child therapist can be especially helpful. Here are some common reasons parents decide to take their children to see a therapist:
  • poor grades
  • developmental delays
  • inattention
  • impulsivity
  • aggression or violence
  • trouble making/keeping friends
  • sibling rivalry
  • victim of bullies
  • loss of a loved one
  • parental divorce or separation
  • low self-confidence
  • performance anxiety
  • excessive anxiety
  • defiant attitude
  • temper tantrums
  • angry outbursts
  • irritability
  • sadness
  • victim of abuse or trauma

A child therapist will often use play and art therapy to help children learn to verbalize not only their feelings, but also new solutions to their problems. Play and art therapy, combined with "talk" therapy, helps the therapist build trust and rapport with even the youngest client, providing many opportunities to share feelings, identify problems, and build life skills. Additionally, a child therapist can help your child develop problem-solving skills, coping mechanisms, and stress-diffusers.

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