About Me, continued...

We all have a story to tell, and mine starts at the same place most stories start. I grew up in a pretty typical family – with lots of problems and lots of love. My parents married young and quickly discovered marriage was a lot harder than they thought. They had the usual differences over money, in-laws, sex, and how to raise children. I watched them struggle to figure out how to make their relationship work without each having to give up their own personal dreams and desires. After years of unresolved issues and unmet needs, drunkenness and the discovery of an affair brought their relationship to an abrupt end. My father moved out, and my mother began to search for a new identity now that she was no longer “his wife.”

Marriage was hard for them, and it was hard to be in a family that was falling apart. As a young girl, I decided there had to be a better way to live life than the way my family went about it. They had invited so much heartache into their lives and sought solace in all the wrong places. When I became a Christian in my teens, the whole story came together and finally made sense!

I discovered that we are ALL sinners, prone to making selfish choices. No wonder my parents were so unhappy! I also learned that we could be set free from a life of resentment and bitterness, of hopelessness and despair by choosing to give up our selfish ways and acknowledging that we are each created for a greater purpose. I discovered that God is great architect and He has a master blueprint for marriage that powerfully enables each and every marriage to prosper and be more personally fulfilling . I poured myself into the Scriptures (and graduate school), and began a great journey to figure out just how to do marriage well.


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